FEB 26, 1998

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The story featured Joe DiMaggio's first return to feature film in 46 years
(he appeared in the original "Angels in the Outfield").
The Yankee Clipper appears in a dialog scene with our young lead Dan Byrd.
So why did Joe D choose SHO Entertainment?
He's turned down millions of dollars in offers over the years -
movie deals, commercials, television events, etc.
Joe told E.T., "We did jump on this one because of the kids."
The First of May is about foster homes and nursing homes,
places often filled with lost or abandoned people.
It was the quality and theme of First of May that captured Joe's interest.
"Paul sent the book and everything, was persistant," Joe explained.
"I read it, enjoyed it, and I wanted to do it with Paul."
Joe DiMaggio not only got all his lines right, he did quite a fine job at acting!
Joe was very happy and even excited about the whole affair when he was all finished. Upon leaving he gave The First of May his blessing. "This one is a special one," he said to E.T., "and I hope they do well."