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First of May Title on White

U.S. Screening History

Filmed in the Fall of 1997, The First of May has been showing around the world since 1998. Although it has been seen in many countries with foreign distribution (including HBO Asia in 2001, with Chinese subtitles), only the U.S. viewings are listed here. However, foreign countries with U.S. HBO/Cinemax channels can still see the film!

This is not a definitive HBO viewing history. Many airings are not listed here. To get the current and future viewing schedule for HBO and Cinemax, go to the HBO.com Schedule page and type First of May into the Search Schedule field.

Date Time Event Location Description Other Info
10/6/06-10/8/06   Independent Film Festival at Old Mill Playhouse The Villages, Florida Screenshot of Daily Sun article.  
2/17/05 7:30 PM White Sands Film Festival Alamogordo, NM    
2005     England Continues to air on English cable TV stations this year  
6/19/04 5:45 PM KidFlix Film Festival (Florida International Children's Film Festival) Movico Ybor City Theater Multiplex   KIDSFIRST! BEST OF THE FEST 2004 Award!
12/13/03 2:30 PM Global Peace Film Festival Loews Cineplex Universal Citywalk, Orlando, FL    
11/26/03 11:00 PM   HBO Family - East    
11/23/03 1:25 AM   HBO Family - East    
11/20/03 7:30 AM   HBO High Definition - East    
11/20/03 7:30 AM   HBO - East    
11/11/03 3:05 AM   HBO Family - East    
11/7/03 8:00 AM   HBO High Definition - East    
11/7/03 8:00 AM   HBO - East    
11/1/03 7:00 AM   HBO High Definition - East    
11/1/03 7:00 AM   HBO - East    
10/26/03 9:45 AM   WMAX East    
10/16/03 3:10 AM   WMAX East    
10/11/03 12:00 PM   WMAX East    
10/9/03 4:30 PM   WMAX East    
8/29/03 1:00 AM   HBO Family - East    
8/21/03 12:25 AM   HBO Family - East    
8/13/03 12:15 AM   HBO Family - East    
8/8/03 10:30 PM   HBO Family - East    
2/17/03 10:30 AM   HBO2 -West    
2/17/03 7:30 AM   HBO2 - East    
2/11/03 9:00 AM   HBO2 -West    
2/11/03 6:00 AM   HBO2 - East    
2/6/03 10:00 AM   HBO2 - West    
2/6/03 7:00 AM   HBO2 - East    
1/10/03 6:00 AM   HBO High Definition - East    
12/31/02     HBO Family - East    
12/26/02-12/29/02   Santa Barbara International Film Festival Santa Barbara, CA    
12/15/02     HBO Family - East    
12/10/02     HBO Family - East    
12/07/02-12/14/02   Screening Camera 7, Pruneyard Shopping Center, San Jose, CA    
11/23/02 5:35 PM   WMAX East    
11/15/02-11/17/02   Palm Springs International Film Festival Palm Springs, CA    
11/14/02 6:15 PM   WMAX East    
11/04/02 6:00 PM Cinemax U.S. Premiere WMAX East    
11/03/02-11/09/02   Screening Cinemacafi, St. Michael's Shopping Center West, Santa Fe, N.M.    
10/28/02-11/02/02   Screening University Area Community Center Complex, Tampa, FL    
10/26/02   Screening Chelsea Cinemas, New York City, NY (212) 777-FILM    
10/19/02   Screening Soundview Cinemas, Port Washington, NY (516) 756-CLVW    
10/12/02   Screening Mamaroneck Playhouse, Mamaroneck, NY (914) 777-FILM    
10/05/02   Screening Warner Quad Cinemas, Ridgewood, NJ (201) 444-1234    
10/01/02 2:25 AM   HBO Family - East    
9/24/02 9:00 PM   HBO Family - East    
9/20/02 11:00 PM   HBO Family - East    
9/07/02 10:15 PM   HBO Family - East    
8/17/02 8:00 AM   HBO2 - East    
8/13/02 6:00 AM   HBO2 - East    
7/30/02 9:15 AM   HBO - West    
7/30/02 6:15 AM   HBO High Definition - East    
7/30/02 6:15 AM   HBO - East    
7/26/02 11:00 AM   HBO - West    
7/26/02 8:00 AM   HBO High Definition - East    
7/26/02 8:00 AM   HBO - East    
7/21/02 2:00 PM Screening Exhibition at Austin Museum of Art: The Circus in 20th Century Art - screening at the Alamo Drafthouse in downtown Austin    
7/14/02 9:00 AM   HBO - West    
7/14/02 6:00 AM   HBO High Definition - East    
7/14/02 6:00 AM   HBO - East    
7/01/02 9:30 AM   HBO - West    
7/01/02 6:30 AM   HBO High Definition - East    
7/01/02 6:30 AM   HBO - East    
6/25/02 4:25 AM   HBO Family - West    
6/25/02 1:25 AM   HBO Family - East    
6/24/02 6:00 PM   HBO Family - West    
6/24/02 3:00 PM   HBO Family - East    
6/21/02 2:30 AM   HBO Family - West    
6/20/02 11:30 PM   HBO Family - East    
6/12/02 10:00 PM   HBO Family - West    
6/12/02 7:00 PM   HBO Family - East    
6/08/02 8:45 PM   HBO Family - East    
6/08/02 11:45 PM HBO U.S. Premiere HBO Family - West    
5/05/01 10:30 AM National Gallery of Art The National Gallery of Art
600 Constitution Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20565
The prestigious National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. will hold a special screening of THE FIRST OF MAY on Saturday, May 5, 2001, at 10:30 AM. Our film was invited to be a part of its Childrens Film series. The screening is open to the public, and free of charge.
3/22/01   Film Advisory Board Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles Mickey Rooney receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from the prestigious Film Advisory Board at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles on March 22. They will show Rooney's clip in the hospital from 'The First of May' at this event.
2/23/01-3/29/01 (4 shows a day) DOMESTIC DISTRIBUTION SECURED New Smyrna, FL - Beacon 12 Theater, on Highway 1, one mile south of Hwy 44 First of May has secured distribution with Constellation Entertainment and has begun an initial limited release in New Smyrna, FL. at the Beacon 12 Theater. 230 people showed up on opening night, and 130 at Saturday's Matinee! OUTGROSSED ALL THE OTHER FIRST RUN HOLLYWOOD FARE AT THE THEATERS ON ITS FIRST WEEK OF RELEASE! Held over until March 29, to 4 shows a day.
11/??/00   Film Advisory Board     AWARD OF EXCELLENCE (Given by the Film Advisory Board only to films of the highest moral caliber)
10/18/00 3:00 PM Burbank International Children's Film Festival Los Angeles   BEST FILM AWARDS - FEATURE DRAMA, BEST CHILD ACTOR PERFORMANCE!
10/17/00 3:00 PM Burbank International Children's Film Festival Los Angeles    
10/16/00 7:30 PM Burbank International Children's Film Festival Los Angeles    
10/14/00 3:45 PM,
3:15 PM
Burbank International Children's Film Festival Los Angeles    
9/30/00   Hollywood In The Rockies Film Festival Cripple Creek, CO   GRAND PRIZE WINNER - ADELPHI / BRAVO EXCELLENCE IN INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING!
5/15/00-5/20/00   Alekino Children's Film Festival Ale Kino, Poland First International Screening! CHILDREN'S JURY PRIZE FOR BEST FEATURE
4/7/00   Film Fest New Haven New Haven, CT Q/A followed screening featuring a moving speech by JULIE HARRIS. AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD FOR DRAMATIC FEATURE!
10/27/99   Heartland Film Festival Indianapolis   PREMIER FILM AWARD WINNER!
10/24/99   Heartland Film Festival Indianapolis    
10/20/99-10/22/99   Marco Island Film Festival Marco Island  
10/15/99-10/16/99   Chicago International Children's Film Festival Chicago   BEST OF FEST PRIZE!
6/19/99   Florida Film Festival Orlando, Florida Colonial Promenade General Cinema
6/12/99   Florida Film Festival Orlando, Florida Enzian Theater  
5/21/99   Director's Guild Theater Screening Los Angeles, CA Many celebrities attended this one.
4/15/99-4/18/99   The Taos Talking Picture Festival Taos  
3/??/99   Disney Institute Screening Buena Vista, FL Indy Filmmakers Program
3/20/99-3/22/99   The Cleveland International Film Festival Cleveland, OH  
1/??/99   Goodman Minneapolis Charity Event Minneapolis, MN  
1/23/99   The KidFilm Festival Dallas, TX  
12/??/98   Private distribution screening New York City, NY At Planet Hollywood, NYC
11/??/98   Private distribution screening Los Angeles, CA At Charles Aidikoff Screening Room.
10/12/98 7:00 PM PREMIERE PUBLIC SCREENING - FMPTA Annual Party Buena Vista, FL FMPTA "100 Years of Filmmaking in Florida" Charity Event! FMPTA (Florida Motion Picture and Television Association) chose The First of May to be screened at Disney's AMC Pleasure Island theater in their biggest house! (540 seats) This was sponsored by The Orlando Sentinel and AMC Theaters. After announcements from the FMPTA and Paul Sirmons (Producer/Director) and Gary Rogers (Producer/Writer), the movie opened to a full house of tuxedoes, suits and dresses, an audience that included cast and crew members, Florida politicians, and film enthusiasts. The movie had them laughing and crying, and blowing their noses after the dramatic climax! The movie was followed by a reception/buffet at Bongo's Cuban Cafe behind the theater.
10/??/98   Private cast / crew screening Deland, FL The first screening of The First of May, exclusively for cast and crew of the picture!